The Environment

Blue Racer Midstream is dedicated to protecting the environment and vibrant quality of life in all of the communities where we do business. The Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale are areas of rich and exceptional beauty. Beneath their rich farmlands, mountains and streams, rivers and wooded hills lie some of the nation's most significant gas reservoirs. We understand the importance of safely developing the abundant resources below while protecting the natural beauty above.

We are dedicated to clean water and clear air, the integrity of rivers and streams, robust agriculture, abundant wildlife and spacious public lands. These core values drive the way we design midstream solutions for our customers. We believe that environmentally sound practices and operations are compatible with meeting the nation’s energy requirements, and we are always looking for sustainable alternatives. Our water-management solutions mitigate the surface impact of drilling operations and create a net gain in water. Carbon dioxide sequestration operations reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also strive to integrate reclamation programs and best practices in energy conservation and efficiency into all of our operations.

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